Your Waiting Singer

Nathan Turner

With his versatile vocal range and captivating stage presence, Nathan Turner is one of the most sought-after performers in the North West.

Nathan began his career in the West End, playing leading roles in some of the UK’s most popular musicals. With his acting background and superb vocal ability, he is a natural fit for the role of singing waiter. His repertoire spans over 500 songs, ranging from soul and swing to modern and Motown. He tailors each performance to his client’s needs, so you can choose every song he sings or simply sit back and let him create the perfect playlist for your event.

A passionate performer who loves to entertain his audience, Nathan is known for his warm and engaging personality, his sense of humor, and his ability to make everyone feel at ease.

Nathan Turner began his singing career in Greece, where he toured for four years as the lead vocalist of a touring show. He has since performed in a variety of styles, including modern, Motown, rock and roll, musical theater, and swing. In 2010, he signed a record deal with Play.com in London, giving him the opportunity to work with top producers and gain invaluable experience. Since then, he has continued to perform and record, and has become a popular wedding singer in the UK.

Nathan’s vast experience and versatility enable him to tailor his sets to appeal to a wide range of audiences and venues. He performs timeless classics, as well as modern chart songs, and always receives positive feedback from his audiences.



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