A Memorable Wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn:

The Perfect Blend of Entertainment and Romance

If you're searching for a picturesque venue that offers an unforgettable wedding experience, look no further than Sandhole Oak Barn. Singing waiters providing surprise entertainment for guests at wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis at this stunning location.

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The charming surroundings of Sandhole Oak Barn

The charming surroundings of Sandhole Oak Barn set the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. As the event progressed, guests were treated to a unique and exciting entertainment experience from Marcus & Nathan.

Singing Waiters  integrated themselves into the staff, creating an element of surprise for the unsuspecting guests. As tables were being cleared, Marcus & Nathan amazed everyone by bursting into song, serenading the crowd with their incredible performance.

A vibrant evening tailored to all

As the sun set and evening approached, the celebration moved into the back of the barn were the party began. The newlyweds done there first dance follwed by evening perfomances for Marcus & Nathan. With a carefully curated selection of songs and  diverse range in music to suit all tastes. From melodic acoustic sets to energetic performances, every musical moment was carefully tailored to create the perfect atmosphere.

The evening truly came alive with a vibrant full disco that had everyone dancing the night away. Our skilled DJing seamlessly blended tracks together, ensuring there was never a dull moment on the dance floor. From cherished classics to the latest chart-topping hits, every guest found their favorite tune.

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A wedding that takes your breath away

So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding that takes your breath away, we invite you to explore the wonders of Sandhole Oak Barn for your wedding and let singing waiters weave a tapestry of entertainment and romance that will make your special day truly unforgettable. Let your singing waiters  help you create memories that will last a life time.


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